A stylized close up view of falling snowflakes.

The snowflakes are modeled in 3Ds Max and composited in After Effects.

You may notice that contrary to popular established conventions, these snowflakes are obviously NOT individuals or unique or *special* in any way, shape or form.

Even though they may appear to have been “Just copy-pasted a bunch of times and then moved slightly” I would just like to point out that this is not the case and it was clearly my deliberate artistic intent to represent the political undertones of Soviet Russia under communism and the way people were forced to confront their desire to be individuals while under a system that represented them as equal in all aspects… and also that it gets cold in Russia…

As you can see now its definitely not a case of me being “too lazy” to model and animate different snowflakes and I am deeply hurt that you would even think this!


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